Are you looking for a manager for a limited period of time?


Phases of change pose a particular challenge to companies due to the specific problems associated with change. Companies increasingly see an elegant and as cost-effective transitional solution in engaging highly-qualified managers for a limited period of time.


Even in the case of an appointment which is actually intended to be long-term, you should not allow yourself – even if you are pressed for time – to be forced into taking on a second-rate candidate.  Bridge the time gap with an interim manager who will sustain your business activities, thereby giving you time for the careful selection of applicants.


Our interim service offers specialists for taking care of short and medium-term tasks and bridging over human resource bottlenecks.


We have a pool of managers at our disposal which consists of professionals from the widest variety of industries with international management and project experience, and who is prepared to take on highly-responsible tasks for short-term periods.